What Are Hospitality Management Jobs?

As lifestyles evolve, so new and different services and job positions are created to service them.

Browsing job ads, we often see job descriptions which are quite new to us.

For example, "home based" jobs, and the newly popular one - ‘hospitality management jobs’.
So what is a "hospitality management" job?

Hospitiality Management Industry:

Hospitality Management industry examples include tourism, hotels, restaurants, casinos, museums, galleries, parks and fairs.
The common factor is providing services so customers feel welcome and at home, irrespective of time and location.

Thus, the core task is to be hospitable and accommodating to those being served. Even though this definition seems simple, it does not refer to just one specific job or activity. There are a host of different ways to provide hospitable services - affording correspondingly varied career opportunities.

The Crew

In the field of hospitality, some workers serve the client face to face, but others do not. Many hospitality sector jobs entail work behind the scenes in the backstage arena - such as chefs, planners and other positions that involve planning and preparations.

Positions with more direct exposure to customers are typically those which involve services such as receptionists, waiters, waitresses, concierge, park administrators, and casino personnel.

The Working Environment

There is a vast range of options regarding where you might work in Hospitality.

For instance, restaurants and cafes could be a good starting point.
Alternatively, you might choose work in bed and breakfast accommodations and hotels.
Casinos are also a good working environment where typically you could anticipate generous tips.
Resorts and museums may also be of interest.
You could even work in cruise ships and travel all over the world.

Self Employment

It is also possible to create your own business. This is especially relevant for specializing in the culinary arts.

You could, for example, open your own restaurant, preferably after gaining practical salaried experience in several successful professional establishments.
This is hard and demanding work but can be very rewarding and fulfilling.

If you specialized on the tourism field, you might open your own travel agency.


One advantage of this kind of career is that it can be very lucrative. Your effort is very much rewarded and reflected in your income.
However, how much you earn would definitely depend greatly on your position and specialty.

Some enterprises pay by the hour.  Others pay annually.  
Tips and bonuses may add a significant variable element to your package.


Since there are many different job positions in this kind of career, there are also differing educational requirements.
For instance, some positions don’t require a diploma and accept high school graduates.
Typically such posts would include hotel housekeeping services, cleaners, and the like.

There are other positions, however, requiring thorough specialized training.
For example, chefs will be expected to achieved a degree in culinary arts.

You may consider taking Hotel and Restaurant Management courses to improve your prospects.
This would be a significant advantage in your favor.
Tourism courses are also worthwhile. and are recommended if you want to specialize in a tourism oriented hospitality activity.

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