Most Wanted Jobs In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries offering almost everyday necessities to its customers. Because it is so big, and varied in nature, the industry has many different job positions to offer. However, just like in any other field, there are some positions considered to be most in demand.

To give you a clue on which are the most wanted job positions in this industry, here is an overview of some major examples.

Food And Beverage Director

This position is not only applicable for hotels. You can also work in hospitals, schools and other places where food directors are needed. The average pay is usually $52,450. The general job description would be having the responsibility to oversee the lounge/restaurant operations. You also get to recruit and train employees. You would also be the one who would create their schedules.

Managing budgets and achieving sales targets are also part of your job, along with maintaining close control of product orders and stock. You should also be able to control and analyze food costs. Of course, as the director, you should ensure that food safety and customer service are provided. Lastly, you should communicate well with your team and be able to motivate them.

Hotel General Managers

Hotels are rampant nowadays. The bigger they get, the more people they need to work for them. Thus, the more they need people who can take in charge of everything. This is what general managers do. The average pay is a whopping $62,320. However, pay varies significantly depending on the hotel you are working for and the status it enjoys.

Your main job is to create and sustain a guest-driven hotel which goes beyond guest expectations for the criteria important to your guests. You should also provide an atmosphere which inspires your hotel team members to offer their best efforts. It’s your job to watch over the quality process in order to ensure your guest’s satisfaction through consistent delivery of service and quality product in conformance with your hotel's profitability goals whilst fulfilling the important requirements of your guest.

First priority is to perform and supervise the daily routines of the hotel. You check guests in and out, and inspect their suites for engineering and housekeeping quality. You also participate in the Food and Beverage outlet where you would greet and serve guests as needed.

You also have some responsibility for staffing. You will interview, and hire people. Once accepted, you would also be the one to supervise and counsel them. This would include the different department managers in the hotel. Although the pay is high, this job places many responsibilities on your shoulders and you should be up for that.

Housekeeping Staff

Whether it be janitors, maids or housekeeping supervisors, one thing is for sure. There’s a high demand for housekeeping staff. Another good thing is the demand keeps on running for all seasons. This means it is normal to see a lot of openings for such positions. Compensation averagely comes in $25,920, $23,270 and $40,180 respectively.

Overall cleanliness of the premises would be your primary concern. For the position of janitors and maids, you would he the one to clean rooms and facilities of your working environment. If you are a supervisor, then you would be the head of the team. You would be the one to check if requirements regarding cleanliness are met. You will also interview, hire and train people who want to be part of your team.

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